Prayers for Parkland

Praying woman hands

As today’s events unfold, I’m going to take this time to pray for Parkland, Florida and all the victims and families who are trying to deal with this horrific situation. It is a life altering event to get a call from your child saying there is someone terrorizing their high school and yet we are the fortunate ones who get notified by our children. I cannot imagine the gut-wrenching heartache of the parents being told by a police officer. Today, please take a moment to pray for our nation, our families, our children, and our schools. This should be an enlightening wake-up call to the state of our culture. We need God’s grace and glory put back into our every day lives. We need protection from ourselves and the direction we are letting our country and young people evolve. Please pray with me for God’s strength, mercy, healing, and grace to redirect and heal us. We ask it through his mighty, mighty name and with great confidence we can say AMEN!

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