Time to bring down the walls and be honest with someone. Pick your someone carefully – VERY carefully if this is the first person with whom you are sharing your story. It can be any part of your story that you care to share… it can be one small detail. It can be a great deal.

Have a small goal in mind. It could be as simple as saying three words. “I was molested.” See how it feels, try it out. I will warn you that the first time you open your mouth, it is scary as hell.

Also a word on expectations, try to go into it with very little. They can be a killer in relationships. Again I know this is hard, but it truly depends on who you are choosing to tell. If it’s a counselor, you can make a safe bet on the outcome. If it is someone who cares about you, expect anything… from rage to asking if you are sure. (Now personally that’s a response I love…. “no I’m not sure. Just thought I’d throw it out there to see what would happen! YES, I’m sure! Duh!”) but expect it. They will be shocked, maybe hurt, heartbroken, angry, etc. even though you are telling them because you need help. They need process time and who knows the first reaction you may get. This unfortunately is not a fairy tale or movie that’s wrapped up in an hour and a half with a nice neat bow… this is life and as real as it gets. So be prepared.

truthHowever, once you have said it out loud, it is SLOWLY liberating. Keep focused on that… the end goal – peace. Chances are it won’t bring peace at first. It may stir up emotions that you have successfully shoved into a tiny box in your soul. This is normal too and it’s OKAY. Survivors stifle the emotions that you are not allowed to feel or show during abuse. We become EXCELLENT fake smilers with all our emotions neatly packed away. But speaking your truth out loud, it does something to your box…. shall we say open it like Pandora did but shake it up first and then dump it out and then just to make sure… tap the bottom a bit to get out any crumbs. That my friend is what will probably happen.

I’ve been down this path and came bursting out the other side. My goal here isn’t to sugar coat anything. It’s to be honest and real and to support you and walk you through the process. So strap yourself in cause you are headed for a hell of a ride BUT it is so worth it. God will grant you a peace that you didn’t even know was possible… so remember eyes on the end game!

The context for this verse is different if you read the verses around it, but these words are perfect here. Because you are starting to open the door to your personal prison.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

The truth… it WILL set you free and I wish I could give you just a small glimpse to see how wonderful it is, truly. ❤️

Song: If We’re Honest by Francesca Battistelli

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