Spring Cleaning

blog-springcleaningYesterday, we talked about making the choice to become a survivor and not remain in “victim” status. Today, it’s time for spring cleaning. Yet another hard thing that you must do.

It’s time to look at the circle of people around you and start spring cleaning. It’s something you do every year to your house. Have you thought about doing it with your life?

You want to heal, right? Get better? Have peace? Well… some of the people around you and some of the activities that you may involve yourself in may hamper your healing. I’m sorry but it’s true.

So take an honest look now. Who in your life will help you and raise you up through this journey? Keep them. Who will make it hard? They need to go or at the very least distance until you are strong enough to handle them. But honestly, in my life some had to go… my mother. That was hard and took time but necessary. As well as a few others who thought using my abuse as a weapon against me…. and it was hard. I’m not going to lie.

Next, think about your activities. What do you watch on tv? Where do you go for fun? What movies do you watch? What music do you listen to? What I’m trying to say here is get rid of everything that has any evil or questionable morals. All of it! Your mind has enough evil stored up from your past to fill your lifetime… don’t voluntarily add to it. Believe it or not what you watch and hear messes with your head. Truly it does.

So now, sit down and make your list of the good and the ugly… people, things and all. Start putting space between you and the ugly today. NOW! And make a list of what you can replace it with. It’s like detoxing your brain…. so Pureflix instead of Netflix, KLOVE instead of rock, Hallmark channel or UP tv channel instead of the shows filled with sex, vulgarity, drugs, and crime. And go to church! Get out there and church shop if you don’t have one now.

This may seem drastic but please believe me when I say this… NOTHING you are about to do is easy. You need as much support and peace as possible in EVERYTHING you do.

So…. GO! Go make your list! Start now! Block some numbers, delete some apps, change the channel, and tomorrow’s Sunday so go to church! GO! Let me know how you do! ❤️

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” – Isaiah 30:21 (ESV)


Song: Need You Now by Plumb

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Absolutely necessary! And it actually wasn’t that hard for me to do. I needed to, and I wanted to, and when I replaced some of these things with healthier people/activities I didn’t even miss eliminating things from my life, because the alternatives were so much better and healing for my soul. There are also things that aren’t necessarily bad or evil, but are essentially junk, so why put those things into my head and heart either?! If it isn’t going to nurture me, or help me grow or heal, I have gotten rid of it or set boundaries to limit my time involvement. And my life and day is so much improved because of it!! What goes in, is what comes out……

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    1. You are so right, but it so scary for so many people because they feel like they will miss out on something. The sad truth is what they are missing is a peace they could never even imagine. It is a total leap of faith for some.


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